Navigation Software Customization

As differentiation has become one of the most important attributes to succeed in the market for mobile navigation, N-Solut offers various options to create a unique navigation solution.

The appropriate level depends on the intended degree of customization as well as on the customer design- and development resources available. Our customers can choose between implementing the changes in-house or work together with us.


SDKOur Software Development Kit (SDK) for navigation offers the highest flexibility. The SDK puts customers with R&D capabilities into the position to develop products with unique functionality.


GUIDE (Graphical User Interface Development Environment) is a powerful desktop tool that provides broad customization of our navigation software with a quick time to market advantage.


After a brief training session even designers that are not familiar with programming can create new workflows, designs and can modify the functionalities of the application.

"If you have questions about navigation software customization, please contact us directly under or +49.(0).9131.995980.0"