User Centered Design Process (ISO 9241-210)

We offer User Interface Design for any product. Our approach to interface design lies in the method of the User Centered Design Process according to ISO 9241-210. In this process the knowledge, ability and expectations of potential users are considered straight from the project start.

By going through the UCD process during the development period, we assure that your product is calibrated to the needs of the target group, and therefore easy and effective to operate.


Operation Concept

We start with simple sketches on paper and continue with developing high level-flowcharts to create a graphical overview of the product and its information architecture. From that we design wireframes of the different screens and define the basic layout schemes and navigation elements, always regarding to the relevant ISO Rules for designing interfaces. We then build interactive prototypes in adobe flash or on paper.


Screen Design

A good visual appearance is just as important as a good operation concept. The screen design has to support the functionality of the operation concept with intuitive and clear screen layouts. At the same time it has to please and attract potential users. During the concept period we create several design-themes and icon designs for your software, from which you can choose favourite.Screen Design

Specification and Style Guide

We are experienced in both: writing specifications to integrate new features and workflows into the software and writing style guides for the graphical user interface. A style guide precisely defines the size, position and name of each graphic, specifies the basic operation concept, and gives guidelines to developers on how to implement each graphical element.


Icon Design

We design icon sets that adapt to your brand identity and improve the usability at the same time. By creating icons that are intuitively understood, users will more easily learn and use your software.

Icon Design

For all icons are created as vector-files, they can easily be scaled and optimized for different sizes and file formats. After production each icon is checked regarding color, contrast and accuracy.

"If 10% of the design and development costs of a redesign project are invested in usability analysis and consulting , the success rate of the application is increased by an average of 83%."